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What Is It?

The security assessment is a chance for you to get a full diagnostic of your network so you know the best ways to improve it. We use our own equipment to hook up to your network and run a series of tests and procedures to give you a complete picture of the health of your network. During this process, we will find all your computers and servers, catalog your software and hardware, and scan and test your firewall.

Once we have run a complete diagnostic, we will take everything we learn and put it in a written report. This report will address the shape of your hardware, software, server, and firewall. We will point out what is strong and steady in your network, as well as what is weak and falling through the cracks. While we prefer to go over the final report with you, we can also simply mail it to you once we complete it.

The Outcome

With the information from this security assessment, we let you know if your network lacks cohesiveness or is vulnerable to viruses or data breaches. We can then bring consistency to your network so that it is easier for you to maintain, in addition to closing up any gaps you have in security and efficiency. Of course another potential outcome is that you could Grow Your Business!

Why You Should Take Us Up on the Offer ACT NOW AND IT IS ABSOLUTLY FREE!

Knowing the state of your network is an invaluable tool when you know you need improvement or when you want to cut costs. Our incredibly thorough report will provide the information you need to make intelligent decisions about every part of your network.

In addition to getting the use of our equipment and a thorough written report, you also get the valuable time of one of our IT professionals. During the assessment, we will explain in detail what the results of the test mean. You can also ask us more about particular aspects of the report so that you have a complete understanding of your network and security. Feel free to ask us any other questions during this time as well so that you can make the most of our expertise and get the tailored answers you need for your IT problems.

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