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About 7th Dimension

At 7th Dimension, we relieve your IT pains while helping your business grow. We specialize in working with companies that are too small to house their own IT department, or with corporations looking to save money by contracting their IT work to us. Covering everything from network design to disaster recovery, our work is always personal, professional, trustworthy, and knowledgeable.

7th Dimension began in a California garage in 1999. Josh Holloway had always dreamed of owning his own business, and 7th Dimension became a reality as he began work on the company while concurrently working at EarthLink and HP. In 2008, the company changed from a sole proprietor to its own LLC.

Now, over 19 years later, 7th Dimension has offices in Emmett Idaho, El Dorado Hills California, Houston Texas and Naperville Illinois . The company continues to serve businesses in California but has also expanded to include clients in Idaho, Texas, Ilinois, and Utah. The company is continuing to branch out in New Jersey, Michigan, Florida, South Carolina and Virginia as well, extending our promise of multidimensional services for a multidimensional world.

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