Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Cybersecurity Awareness Month affords you the opportunity to take a look at your current network protections. SMBs hesitate at the idea of spending money on cyber prevention but the cost pales in comparison to an expensive breach. Many smaller companies are unable to recuperate from that type of loss. Many major corporations lose business once their credibility has been tarnished. The third most popular mobile network in the US, T-Mobile, has suffered a data breach that affected more than two million of its customers.

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Now, take a moment to think about how your company stacks up in comparison to other SMBs across the nation? What about the major corporations that get breached on a daily basis? If the idea of feeling unprepared makes you feel uneasy then you’re not alone. Using updated technology and educating your employees are often put off but it will be too little too late if you’re network is successfully breached today.

58% of malware attack victims are categorized as small businesses.

In 2017, cyberattacks cost small and medium-sized businesses an average of $2,235,000.

92.4% of malware is delivered via email.

60% of small businesses say attacks are becoming more severe and more sophisticated.

Attackers are penetrating networks at an unprecedented rate. Contact us today to learn how our latest technologies in Dark Web Monitoring and 360° Security Threat Management solution can prevent a breach.

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